Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Lovely Son

Hey Everyone.. so today i want to introduce my only son.. after waited for almost 2 years, finally... Allah s.w.t gives me the most beautiful, lovely and healthy son for us.... Yeah, its been a long time since my last post, but suddenly i feel like i wanna post something here..

So guys, let me introduce my cute little munchkin..'MUHAMMAD SOFIZEIN BIN MUHAMMAD SOFIZAL'.. now he's 2 years old.. very active and sporty little boy like his father.. menggunung puji anak sendiri kan?? hehe.. sapa lagi nk puji kalau bukan his mum and dad??? ye tak??

Muhammad Sofizein was born in 21st September 2013 (the same month with me) at Columbia Asia Puchong Hospital, the miracle of our life.. why i said that?? yeah..he's a miracle... i never get period since September 2012 until March 2013 i checked my pregnancy test (which i was just play with the test)'s DOUBLE LINE!!!!! can you believe that??? actually my friends bought the test for me because they said i looked different.. i did not feel anything but they can.. so, they bought for me and the next day i tried the test.. i cried in the bathroom and called my husband (that time we we're separated because i worked at Gua Musang and he's in KL)..we we're both not believed in what just happened. Then, Fizal wanted me to stay calm and waited until back home.

So, on Thursday when i came back to KL, my husband fetch me at PWTC bus station and he brought me to the Clinic, and the Dr. said that it was a teeny tiny seed which is possibly a 'BABY'!! we are very lucky to have it because it happened only 1 in 10000000000 times... that is why i said he is a 'MIRACLE' in our life.......

He's so adorable right??? he's the light in our marriage...he's my 'REZEKI'... yes..after 4 years i waited to get transferred to KL, finally i got it.. My workplace now is SK Taman Medan, P.Jaya.. very near to our new house.. we're now stayed in Bukit Jalil happily together... Allah s.w.t has given the time where we have to be separate and the time where we have to be together.. it teaches us many things, appreciation in love, appreciates family relation, and the most thing is.... TRUST EACH OTHER! so girls out there...don't ever interrupt in our marriage because your appearance is just like a small ant who is begging for my husband sympathy.. I felt very sorry to u girls.....hahaha..

So, that's all i wanna share this time.. till me meet the next post (if i rajin..) bye bye!!~